Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reliquery box

Out of the weekend of general craftiness at Casa de Clermont, a plot was hatched by my friends to build this box. I've started work and charted and stitched a sample for the first pattern 20120529_113202 I decided to get even closer to period practice and stitched this with a flat silk, Soie Oval. I have to say not only is the result very close to close up shots of period pieces, but its gorgeous! For comparison, here is a picture in the same light of sample in similar colors in a spun silk (Rainbow Gallery Splendor) 20120529_113218 And for fun, here is a nice close up of a period piece from the same time and place: We've started chatting about other construction details and I'm very excited about this project. I will post updated pictures and samples as we make progress. I've got 4 patterns charted so far and I think we will start work on the panels as soon as we order the silk.

Friday, May 25, 2012

More pictures :)

I have finally uploaded some more pictures to Flickr of my recent activities. Mostly I've been working on improving my current armor and making a long term armor plan, so they are pictures of our local armor night. I even managed to get a few good shots of the forge in action. The forge work moves pretty fast, so you take as many pictures as you can and hope that one catches a good moment and isn't blurry. I'll post some more pictures of general progress soon and embroidery updates as well.