Monday, November 30, 2009

Scroll case

I went to a scroll painting class a while back and have finally finished painting a scroll for the Barony. There's been talk on several of my mailing lists about scroll cases, as well as out and about, so I decided to whip one up for transport to and from meetings for the scrolls that I do. I read a bunch of "how-to" articles and then kind of went about it haphazardly. I had to bust out with my quilting foot to do some bizarre angle sewing due to not really thinking things through, but I got it done. It was a quick (probably 30 minutes) project that resulted in something useful, so I'll call it a win. It worked out ok and now I have a functional scroll case for transport (and a much better idea about how to get it done next time).

For transport I would put the paint towards the inside (instead of facing out for the photo op). The bottom panels are just little flaps sewn into the spine. They flip open at the corner so that they kind of act like pockets but aren't tight enough to cause any trouble with paper. The case itself is cardboard (from a diaper box) covered in some blue flannel scraps I had laying around with a little purple tie string.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bordermarch Autumn Melees

This weekend, I went to BAM and had a great time! It was my first event to fight in battles and I had a blast.

I have posted pictures on Flickr

Thursday, November 5, 2009

BAM Tunic

I need another tunic, since I'll be camping at my next event (Bordermarch Autumn Melees), so I've started a brown and blue tunic. Its very much been worked on in 10 minute increments, but its finally hit a point where its starting to look like a tunic. Once I get things to a point where they are "lap" work, I usually make more progress, since I can pick them up and put them down easily depending on what's going on.

I've cut out the tunic parts and sewn on the borders and am now doing the decorative embroidery on the trim. Once I finish that, I'll piece it together. I joined SCA in part to learn more about embroidery - and its worked. I've really enjoyed the German brick stitch work and I took a gold work class a while back, but now I feel that I must try more things. So, this is my first attempt at some basic tunic embellishment with various embroidery stitches that I've been reading about online (and watching a few tutorial videos). I'm not going for anything fancy (just some buttonhole borders), since its a first attempt and I have a deadline. I'm happy with the progress and pleased with how much a little simple hand embroidery really jazzes things up.

The tunic is a soft linen/cotton blend and I'm embroidering with DMC linen thread. I folded things up so you could see the trim that I'm working on:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fighting tonight

Life has been complicated, but I finally made it to another fighter practice. I've managed to cobble together most of an armor kit, so I don't have to borrow as much. I had a good time and learned a lot. I need to do more cardio workout so that I won't get winded so easily, but I knew that already. Also, I am now an Authorized Fighter! Woohoo! I will get to fight at BAM!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pattern #16

This little swatch got lost along the way somewhere, so I picked it up this weekend and finished it up. Behold, pattern #16! I'm going to have to do another round of charting, since this was my last un-stitched chart. I've got some other stitching to do while I'm in charting mode, so I'll get to keep stitching. I've got a tunic that I need to finish before the next event, so I have enough garb to make it through the weekend.

Pattern #15

Here's pattern #15! I really like this one. I think that you could use it fairly neatly as a border as well.

The interlocking red is stitched correctly, but the edges have several problems. On each point, some are clean points and some have little "V" notches to connect to a diamond. The points along the edges are haphazard in which have notches. I did manage to do them correctly on the middle row, so the pattern clicks. I'm considering re-stitching the sample, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I was just chatting away while I was stitching and did not pay enough attention. It was a lovely evening though.

The pattern is correct :)