Monday, April 21, 2008


Along the way I thought that I'd post some references pieces in the embroidery genre that I am working on. Unfortunately most of the pictures that I can find are black and white, though the color pictures that I find show brightly colored embroidery with a pretty good variety of colors. In cases where I can get color pictures, I have stitched the patterns in matching colors.

Master Wymarc's web page got me started on this and I found the book "Niedersächsiche Bildstickereien des Mittelalters" by Renate Kroos. It was dumb luck that the book was available through the Georgia library system, since there aren't that many copies. The book has tons of black and white plates of brickwork examples from Germany and information on them. It is in German though, so its been slow going for me. Many of the patterns charted are coming from plates in this book.

The New York Met has a large piece in the Cloisters:
Altar Frontal, late 14th century
German; Silk on linen; 63 x 62 1/2 in. (160 x 158.8 cm)

Lady Sabine Berard has taken lovely detail pictures of the piece which can be found here:


Kathy Storm said...

Wow!! I was also inspired by "A Stitch Out of Time" to do my first brick stitch based on his patterns and now I am also working on making my own charts from period embroidery. I have started with the Goess Vestments. I expect to have the first project posted on my blog soon. I'd love to see pics from that book, my library doesn't have it.

helene said...

Thanks! I just saw your website and love the work! I am very excited to see other folks working on this stuff :) The book is really big, but I'll try to post scans on pieces as I get them done. I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy if you're interested though, since its a treasure trove of good stuff.

There are limited copies of the book in the US, but I did a quick look on worldCat ( and it looks like there are several copies in California. There is one that you can visit at the Stanford library and several in the LA area. You can check out what the inter-library loan options are (frequently you can get inter-library loans for a small fee)