Monday, May 26, 2008

Source book

I've had a few requests for more information on the source book that I'm using. Its Niedersächsiche Bildstickereien des Mittelalters by Renate Kroos, published by Berlin, Deutscher Verl. f. Kunstwissenschaft in 1970. The book is based on Renate Kroos' dissertation on embroidery in Lower Saxony. The book in German, so I have been using the pictures of the pieces and then translating snippets of the information as I need them. There aren't a lot of copies floating around the US, but you can see WorldCat's listing at http://www.worldcat.or/oclc/176343&referer=brief_results to find your nearest copy. Many universities have some allowances for allowing public access to books (though they many not let you check it out). Just take care of the copy that you use, since there aren't that many around :)


Kathy Storm said...

Thanks for the link. Now I know that Stanford University has a copy so I can pop over to look at it!

Tristán Z. said...

Hello, nice blog! I figured I'd introduce myself and give you the link to my blog, since brick-stitch embroidery makes up the bulk of the work I've been doing.

So, I'm Tristan, and my blog is


helene said...

Thanks for the link! I really like the work!