Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pretty pictures

Thanks to my sister for sending me links to some more pictures on the web :)

Two Flickr pools of interest:
* detail pictures from the Cloisters piece at the NY Met:
* some scans from the Kroos book, along with some pretty stitching:


Kathy Storm said...


1. Thank you for the link to my pics. I am now reminded that I need to add a lot of stuff!

2. I love the link to the Cloisters photos. It is such a wonderful place to visit. I was there many years ago when I was poor and didn't have a camera and didn't have the interest in needlework I do now. I really want to go back there with my BF's fancy camera.

3. OMG I love the painted German box in the Cloisters photo!!!

Helene said...

*laugh* I always seem to come back to your stuff on various websites! I've never been to the Cloisters, but I'm enjoying others museum photos. I'd love to see some of these pieces live, but I think that its a trip to NY or Germany to do that.

The painted box is great! Too bad there is only one picture.