Friday, September 11, 2009

Fill stitches completed!

I've finished the fill stitches for the little guy! I've had lots of little time increments lately, so it has moved quickly. Next is the outlining, which should give it some more definition. I don't have my next critter set up yet, though I have a couple of them outlined. I haven't had any good blocks of time to actually setup the next one, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

As an aside, I have to once again marvel at what beautiful backs this style of stitching makes! Here's the back of the critter:


Kathy Storm said...

Looking very nice! And your back is so neat!

Gaston de Clermont said...

A gryphon! Very cute!

Helene said...

Thanks :) I love the little critters all along the border of these tapestries. The gryphon was one of my favorites and small, so I started with him.

I'm amazed how tidy the backs are using this stitching technique. Several of the patterns are almost reversible!