Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rachel's armor

Rachel got me a quick turn around on her plates. She finished sanding and drilling them and got them back to me before the weekend was over. I've been adding a few plates everyday and today I finished! Hooray! She now has functional torso armor. Next time she comes by I'll size the buckles and then she'll be ready for action.

Her coat of plates is basically the same pattern as mine, sized down just a bit. Check a major item off my to-do list :)


Maelgwyn Dda said...


Would you be willing to do one more for the loaner gear, if I provide the fabric and plates?

Now I can get my leather body armour back from Rachel and use it for the demo on the 13th, while my lamellar armour is in a trailer on it's way to Gulf War!

Helene said...

Sure, I can help with another set. It will have to be after Gulf Wars though, since I've still got a lot to get together before then.

Helene said...

Oh yeah, we can make some patterns from ours if you want. I seem to remember that we drafted things on the fly, so a solid pattern (maybe with some sizing info) would make things nice. :)

El caballero gris. said...

It looks very good!

is that confortable for a woman?

I mean, a friend is looking for an armor proper for her "anatomy", but she finds a little bit unconfortable the lamellars and wants a pre 15th century option.


Helene said...

I wear a sports bra and gambeson underneath it and so far find it to be very comfortable and provide solid protection. The barrels give the plastic a little curve, which is nice. The side plates are cut at graduated widths so that they flare towards the waist. The plastic plates help keep it light (and cheap). Rachel used hers tonight at practice and liked it.

Caladin said...

It wold be wonderful if yo could throw together a pic of the pattern, and a pic of the plates laid out on the barrel. It could be figured out, but man am I a visual learner!


Caladin said...

Doh! forgot to say very nice job!


Helene said...

Thanks :) I've actually been toying around with the idea of writing up a "How to". I figured that I could take pictures on the next one that we make and use those.