Monday, August 30, 2010

Sca Weekend

I had a busy SCA weekend :) On Saturday, I went to the Ansteorra Laurel's Prize Tourney in the Stronghold of Hellsgate. It was a short road trip from home with good companionship along the way. The event was lovely and there were so many amazing displays and helpful Laurels. I had a display on my embroidery work and it was a great chance to meet the folks working on embroidery around the kingdom. I took lots of pictures of all the pretty stuff. The displays were very inspiring and I have a long wish list of cool projects that I'd like to try. I will try to control myself and limit the project pile to something managable. Also, I received a Sable Thistle in Embroidery, which means that I am now Lady Helene. Spiffy!

On Sunday we had another War Company sewing day at Rachel's. I was hoping to finish up some fighting surcoats, but we made excellent progress. We're close to finishing, so will start rolling finished finished surcoats off the assembly line on the next session. They are looking really sharp!

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