Friday, May 13, 2011

More Gloves!

I've been remiss in posting, but here is the current state of things. Pictures are included of the three gloves that I have completed for the crown. After I finished the stitching, Rachel came by and helped with the construction and finishing which speeded things along. I'll do some more posts that show construction updates, but I couldn't resist posting the finished gloves. The pictures don't really capture the shine of the silk or the sparkle on the gold (especially the highlights on the Queen's glove).

King's Gloves: These are padded goldwork on a woven wool foundation. I used wool felt for the padding to give it a bit of dimension.
King's Gloves

Queen's Glove (Front)
Queen's glove (front)

Queen's Glove (Back)
Queen's glove (back)


Kathy Storm said...

Very nice gloves. Love the embroidery!

Helene said...

Thanks :) I'm pleased with the way they came out. I wish the camera caught the gold sparkle just a bit more though!

rachel o) said...

They look just as good here as the did in my's just that this is later, so now I think they look even better, gold sparkle or no.