Thursday, July 26, 2012

Floche doodles

I bought some DMC cotton floche on a trip to the embroidery store and have been meaning to give it a test drive for a while. It is so smooth and soft, and such a nice fiber that I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled a motif from a handy Dover book, "Early Medieval Designs from Britain for Artists and Craftspeople" and started doodling with split stitch. It took me a few rounds to get a good feel for working the fiber, but I really love it. The stitches really work themselves nicely together for a pretty flow with stitch direction. The floche is a small thread though, so I need good lighting to do the split stitch. It's fairly tedious, but it's the kind of tedious that I frequently find relaxing. I took a quick picture of stitch progress on the frame along with the floche skeins. doodles

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