Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brown velveteen pouch

I'm playing around with some different purse patterns and am currently working on this one: . pouch-01 The first thing that is obvious about this pattern is that there are a lot of eyelets! Once I got the pieces sewn together and everything marked, I began to wonder if I had the fortitude for that many eyelets. However, the journey of a thousand eyelets starts with a single stitch. pouch-04 I couldn't believe that I managed to get all those eyelets done! At this point I was really hoping that this pattern worked and regretting not doing a mock-up like I usually do.

pouch-05 pouch-06 I was impatient so I used some shoelaces to string it together and make sure that the gathering worked correctly. It works! Hooray! It's kind of hard to see on this picture but the gathers lay nearly perfect with a graceful curve into a nice round bottom. The next step will be to cut and sew the top flap, which will be attached at the little tab sticking up. Also, I need to make some pretty drawstrings to replace those shoelaces.


Kathy Storm said...

Very nice, way to go on the eyelets, I couldn't stand to do that many!

Helene said...

Thanks! It was definitely a challenge :) I feel like I've got the hang of it now and perhaps diminished some of the intimidation factor.