Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Laurel's Prize Tournament

In Ansteorra, the Laurel's Prize Tournament isn't really a tournament. It's more of a mentored art show. Participants set up displays of their art for the event and then hang around to chat and demonstrate their craft. You pre-register for the event and the coordinators schedule several Laurel's who best match your area and goals to come by and visit you. It's a lovely, high energy event that has people exchanging technique, research, and general project planning. I like to call it the shiny, happy nerd fest. It's a very popular event for a lot of good reasons - it's fun for everyone. It's also very tiring since the whole day is busy.

Mistress Amata was kind enough to take a picture of my display this year. I brought Giant Sparkly Banner, the populace banners, one of the mouse hats, the German brickwork bag I am working on, and a few sundry fiber arts bits. I also brought my research binders and got some excellent feedback on them. I finished up my new dark blue dress and light blue under dress for the event, which I am wearing in the picture.

I took quite a few photos this year, but my camera is dying so many of them didn't turn out well. I did manage to get some good pictures and they are posted on Flickr in this album:

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