Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weaving checks!

Weaving checks
I'm having lots of fun weaving checks!

Weaving with metallics
It was only a matter of time before I rummaged through my collection of metallics. Here is "Artiste" brand gold thread with black crochet cotton.  This was my first project with the Artiste brand gold thread and I really like it.  It's soft and smooth and still has a very nice shine.  I had absolutely no problem with thread shredding.

Weaving with Kreinick Japan gold
Next up was the Japan gold, which turned out lovely.  I wasn't sure how it would hold up, because the thread itself stretches out.  I previously did some fingerloop braiding with it and the metallic loops were unmanageably longer after a while.  I was super careful with the warp tension and fairly delicate with my weaving.  The texture betrays a bit of warp difference on the gold, but the piece will lie flat so it seems an acceptable variation.


Pancua said...


My only real concern is how the thread will hold should it be tied into a knot or if it gets a pull on one of the finer threads.

Helene said...

Thanks! I think that the Artiste will hold up well to that sort of treatment. The Japan gold will not - it would make pretty trim though.

Helene said...

I am looking at some Viking age stuff and the Japan gold is very much like the metal threads they used in some of their textiles. Generally those examples are attributed to trim and not belts or ties.

Pancua said...

Very cool, I can't wait to see it!!