Thursday, February 26, 2009

As requested, here are some variations on opacity of stitches, for comparison. Also I threw in a few gradients just for fun. My goal is to make pretty, readable charts :)

Swatch with 50% opacity:

Swatch with 60% opacity:

Swatch with70% opacity:

Swatch with 80% opacity:

Swatch with 90% opacity:

Swatch with side gradient at 90% opacity:

Swatch with radial gradient at 80% opacity:

Swatch with radial gradient at 90% opacity


Kathy Storm said...

My favorite is the 90% opacity with no gradient, but I've done enough of this from patterns w/o gridlines that I do not need them. Thanks for posting all the variations!

Laura Kathleen said...

I like the 80% or 90% with no gradient. I'm afraid I _do_ need the gridlines sometimes, if only to satisfy my paranoia!