Sunday, February 15, 2009

Knotwork distractions

I've found a stitching distraction while I'm planning my next brickwork project. I saw some split stitch Celtic knotwork on one of my embroidery lists and it was so pretty that it really inspired me. It was the perfect excuse to use this weird Indian silk I got on a late night ebay bid. I got the design from "Early Medieval Designs From Britain" by Eva Wilson which is a nice little Dover book. The design is from #36-37 "Interlaced dogs and birds from the Lindisfarne Gospels, British Library". I think its turning out really nice. Here's my progress so far:


┼Żabacorporation said...

I love these creatures. Your embroidery is amazing!:)
And the choice of colours and everything.. I just love it.

Helene said...

Thanks :) I've been trying to branch out from the counted work. The silks that I got are all very brightly colored, so I thought they would look nice in the knotwork.

These are the pictures that inspired me. They are from an embroiderer in Meridies.