Thursday, November 28, 2013



I took my children's "mouse battle" hats to the Jagermeister event this weekend at Ffynnon Gath and I won the A&S competition! Wow! Above is my lovely scroll which was painted by Grishka. I had a great time at the event and received a lovely gift basket that included a gorgeous lucet!

New lucet

I've been fiddling around with the lucet and now that I've got the hang of it there is a string pile starting to accumulate. It's the perfect nervous fiddle for truly lazy days! I also thought I'd post a picture so that you would know that I haven't forgotten the giant sparkly banner. Most of the update pictures have been more of the same, so I haven't written much about them, but today's is a happy update - I am almost finished with the letter fill! Yes, that really is the last two letters of "Society for Creative Anachronism"

Giant sparkly banner

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Helene said...

Correction - the scroll was painted by Francisca Sastre de Arellano -