Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cloak and Hood

Now that I've got my sewing area a bit more functional, I've been working on a cloak and hood for my friend Rachel. This is another project off a to-do list that we made about 4 years ago, but hey, who's counting? Here is a picture of her modeling progress. I've gotten all the sewing done except the hem on the cloak! Hooray! Below is Rachel modeling her cloak with her best goofy face.

Rachel models cloak progress

The cloak and hood are made out of gray and blue cotton flannel for extra warmth. This is the first cloak I've made where the drape is really good and the lining doesn't sag. Acheivement unlocked! This is my first hood and I like it. Now that the sewing is done, I've started with the decoration. We had a demo last night and Giant Sparkly banner was on display... so I had a handy excuse to start other handwork! Ha!

cloak progress

I may have gone a little nuts with the lucet a while back, since I like to answer questions like "What does a skein of yarn look like luceted?" The answer is shown above. I am stitching the lucet cord over the seams and it squares things up very nicely. The trim actually seems to be making the dagging more well-behaved, which is a pleasant surprise. I know in my brain that adding decorations always really changes a project, but the picture above really demonstrates how wonderful that change is! I am loving the lucet cord trim - Thanks to Elen for the great idea :)

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