Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lucet all the things!

I've been playing around with various new threads and my lucet. I've been looking for good options for the silk look without spending quite so much money. First up is a bamboo and silk blend from Patons. It handles and feels like a quality spun silk. I really liked it.

Paton's metallic is definitely a modern looking yarn that looks kind of like the fabric that jerseys are made of. It lucets up fairly easily and looks very nice. It definitely has a higher screen than the spun silk, so it's a little closer than the look of filament silk. It's a bit slubby, but doesn't look bad.

Next up is plain old DMC perl cotton, but I was testing out a two strand technique. The technique runs the slip nots for each color on either prong of the lucet. The method creates a twist between the colors. The resulting cord has four side: a purple side, a yellow side, and two sides that have the mixed colors. It's rather fetching.

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