Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lucet cord edging

I finished the Giant Sparkly Banner a while back, but still need to finish posting progress pictures. Here's a short summary of how I finished the edges using lucet cord. First I prepared the seam by turning in the edges, pinning them, and ironing them flat. Here is a picture of the stitching in progress so that you can see the front layer (the yellow brocade), the back layer (the blue linen), and the gold lucet cord.

Use the first stitch to pick of both pieces of fabric along the folded edges.

The second stitch then goes throughout the middle of the lucet cord. When you pull tight it will close the seam with the cord on top.

I stitched the edges closed with my gold Gutterman thread and they edges look very nice. It's a very simple medieval period technique to decorate edge seams.

Above is an example of a pouch with braids along for seam finishing. The braids on this one look like finger loop braiding. Dutch circa 1617/1622

Above is another good example - Dutch?/Italian? cir cal 1580+


Laura said...

What an awesome idea! The banner looks great!!

Helene said...

Thanks! It will be making appearances at stuff near you :)