Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Handsewing to finish

I put my recent embroidery in a pile the other day and realized that I am woefully in need of finishing some of the pieces. I like the embroidery part and then when I get to the hand-sewing part things end up in a box somewhere. So, I've made myself a queue and am going to finish the pieces in my UFO (UnFinished Object) box.

First step was the little notebook that I've been working on. Instructions for a tidy rolled hem came across one of the lists the other day, so I pulled out the printout for "Eithni's Magic Veil Stitch" (at and gave it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised :) The stitch was easy to do and the results are a tidy, tight rolled hem. I've needed such a stitch for the small objects that I'm working on, so this is an exciting discovery. I believe that I will forge on ahead with the hand sewing and see what kind of other skills I can acquire.

Here's a (bad) picture of the hem (front on left, back on right) for two inside panels of a tiny notebook cover. There's an American penny in the middle for scale. I looked for Euro coins for scale, but all I could find was Nederlandish guilders, which are probably less than helpful at this point in history. I think with a little practice, I could easily get the hem even smaller.

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